Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and inspiration with a captivating collection of eBooks.


What is the State of Your Chiropractic Practice?

How to Make More Money While Spending Less Time in the Office


The art of premium care.

What is the focus in your practice... Quick relief care services or a transformational health care program? This little eBook will give you some insights as to why you should include a premium care program for cash in your offerings.


Financial training for business owners

This may fall in a category of not thrilling or exciting, yet the excitement will come after implementing these ideas and you begin to watch you bank balance swell.


Getting to Yes

A great read to stop believing people can't or won't pay cash for high ticket care! A Revolutionary Approach to Hearing Yes to Your Offers for Transformational Care for cash!


How to create Personal and Financial Freedom

This book is simply the blueprint to making your small business very profitable to finance your wealth plan!


Profit Acceleration Secrets

This book stands for the secondary reason you decided to become a practice owner. The first reason given you wanted to be part of a world wide cause to get the population off needless drugs and surgery. The second reason being since this will be a full time effort, you must be paid to deliver the message and transform the health of your community. This career is a calling, and requires personal sacrifice, you need to be paid well for your efforts, and I feel you should be paid well!

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